Hacktivity Hackcenter

Lightning Talk Schedule

Title Speakers Date
Exploiting the human mind Richard 11:00
Dnsmasq vulnerability Németh L. Zoli, Csatai Bálint, Déri Levente 11:15
Antivirus bypass Csatai Bálint 11:30
Fuzzing mimikatz with WinAFL Rene Freingruber 11:45
Rediscovering the hidden Facebook semantic search engine and reimagining open-source intelligence Bardóczi Ákos 12:30
Hacking e-cigarettes Banyaszvonat 13:00
What is real hacking Dnet 13:15
Hacking Windows 95 Balázs Zoli 13:30
How could we help disabled people to control their phones without hands? Incze Gáspár 13:45
Failnight Buherator 14:00
Rescube robot - architecture overview Kopiás Péter 14:30

If you want to give a Lightning Talk at Hacktivity write to hackcenter@hacktivity.com or visit the Hackcenter in the event.

Lightning Talks are 10-minute talks by various people combined in a set of 4 talks in one hour. You can present a strange idea, your nifty program, a cool project, some hardware you like, ...